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Bar-Worx has the expertise and experience to support your project’s lifting needs. We have a diverse, modern inventory of rigging for rent and sale including end cap spreader bars, slide lug adjustable spreader bars, multi hole beams, wire rope and synthetic slings. With locations in Belle Chasse, LA and Houston, TX, we serve clients primarily in the offshore, petrochemical, and construction sectors as well as wherever safe, accurate lifting is required. Bar-Worx abides by all applicable regulations and standards to ensure our rigging equipment and services exceed our clients’ safety expectations. 




Rigging Rental 

Bar-Worx sets the quality standard for rigging rental packages by providing engineered, innovative, easy-to-use rigging equipment to ensure client satisfaction. Our team has a proven track record of success providing rigging solutions across industries including mining, construction, shipping, offshore, engineering, government and more. Bar-Worx specializes in finding the best solutions to complex lifting scenarios where others often see none.  

Bar-Worx supplies the right rigging, at the right price, and backs it up with outstanding service from start to finish.


Engineering / Consultancy

The Bar-Worx team of experienced engineers provides expert insight for heavy lifting projects of all sizes and budgets.  Our team understands the unique complexities of every project and applies creative thinking, as well as the latest software technologies, to deliver safe, cost-effective solutions.

  • Equipment Design

  • Design Verification

  • Critical Lift Plan Services - Preparation and Third-Party Review

  • Material Handling


Sales and Custom Fabrication

At Bar-Worx, we have a reputation for innovation and work closely with our clients to design, engineer, and fabricate below-the-hook lifting devices, as well as other custom fabrication solutions to meet complex engineering, design, or materials challenges. All custom fabrication from Bar-Worx is designed and manufactured in adherence to quality certifications, and commitment to client success.  The Bar-Worx team of experienced engineers and skilled craftsman carefully monitor the project throughout all stages of the production process, resulting in a product that is built to exceed client expectations.


Load Testing

Bar-Worx performs load testing of BTH lifting devices such as spreader bars, end caps, lifting beams, and more.  We also engineer load test procedures for all types of lifting equipment and various other components from a broad industry spectrum which require load testing services. Tests are completed in a horizontal test bed up to 650 tons or tested vertically up to 125 tons.

A proof test certificate will be issued for all successful tests.

All testing equipment is calibrated to ASTM E4 standards.



125mt Spreader Bar Assembly.png
Slide Lug Spreader Bar.png

End Cap Spreader Bars

Slide Lug Adjustable Spreader Bars

55mt Batwing Bar_edited.jpg
Double Sheave Block.png

Multi-Hole Beams


Wire Rope Sling
Shackle Van Beest Crosby
Synthetic Poly Nylon Sling

Wire Rope


Synthetic Slings




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230 Gunther Ln

Belle Chasse, LA 70037


13223 FM 529

Houston, TX 77041

Tel: (844) 868-6154


To apply for a job with Bar-Worx, please call (844) 868-6154 for more information.

Get a quote: (844) 868-6154

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